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About Real Estate Staging

“STAGING WORKS!”, exclaimed Lee Osborne. “I went home after you spoke, staged my house, used your ideas and sold it to the first person that saw it.”…
Lee, of the well-known Watson and Osborne, PA., Closing Attorneys, was a guest speaker along with me at several abbreviated seminars. He took notes and immediately implemented the strategies and sold his house.

    "Before putting our home on the market, I decided to call Becky and get her advice on what we needed to do to make the inside of our home more presentable. We made the changes she suggested, added a few accessories she thought we needed, and withen 10 days had accepted a contract! I would recommend Becky's services to anyone getting ready to sell their home."
    Brad Kirk, Watson Realty Corp. Jacksonville Beach, Fl.

About Redesign
    Jim an I both think the house looks fantastic. We are absolutely thrilled with your work. You were wonderful to work with and have definitely changed my misperception about home designers!
    ...Jenn DelCarmen, Atlantic Beach, Fl.

About Transformations School

“I once again want to thank you for the opportunity to attend your Three Day Transformation training. I have since been busy looking at rooms with a ‘different set of eyes’.
“God always seems to place people in my life at the right time and answer my prayers. If I never do anything with the training other than working with my friends and family; it will always be a blessing for me. When I read your articles I always felt that you were a special person. After spending three days with you; I now know that you are in deed a VERY SPECIAL LADY … GOD SHINES THROUGH YOU. I look forward to having you in my life whether it is working with each other, going to market or running into each other while shopping.”
May God Continue to Bless You!
Wilma Scarborough

“You are the best. I must say I felt liked I missed you today. You are truly a pleasure to be with.
Thanks again,”
Sharon La Rosa, Watson Realty…November ‘08 class

”Hope your Thanksgiving was great! I wanted to share my good news with you.
”Do you remember me telling you about my friends’ home in Marsh Landing? She needed lots of staging in and outside, painting, etc. I staged as much as I could on a budget, suggested paint in several rooms, moved furniture up and down stairs to properly function her space and she received her first offer since it was listed! They hope to close within 2 weeks. It has been on the market 6-7 months, with many showings and open houses and not a single offer till it was staged. They are thrilled! and real believers!”
Eileen Groblewski

    The class was "way beyond my expectations! THE WEEK WAS UNFORGETABLE-meeting new friends, anticipating new careers. I could never have imagined that we could have done as much as we did in all those beautiful homes."
    Barbara A.- Key Colony, Fl.

    This class was wonderfully organized. Your enthusiasm infectious, your encouragement inspiring, your talent a beacon to guide us through this new world of redesign."
    Sandra M.- Jax., Fl.

    "Becky, you are a delightful person. You make everyone feel welcome and comfortable."
    Leslie M. Jax., Fl.

    "I enjoyed the hands-on experience and of course, the bag and goodies for start-up. Becky is passionate and compassionate towards her profession and clients. That is contagious! The class is full of tips on getting a business up and running. Content was excellent."
    Bonnie F. Watson Realty, Jax., Fl.

    "The make-overs were excellent. They were varied in layout and design. Each quickly reinforced the principles we were learning in class. The approach Becky takes with clients is fabulous. She is able to clearly communicate with a variety of homeowners in a manner that they understand the benefit of her service. Thank you for the opportunity."
    Kathleen D. Ponte Vedra, Fl.

    "I appreciate all that was done to prepare for this class and your time involved; also your caring way of making us feel that we can do this..."
    Joelle D. Keystone Heights, Fl.

    Becky's teaching style is relaxed, educational and fun. I especially enjoyed the home make-overs and the joy at the transformation of their home. Becky instills confidence with example and instruction...I have taken many classes through the years, but never a class that was so much fun and educational at the same time."
    Barbara F. Watson Realty, Jax., Fl.

    "I sold my house in 8 days for the full price," reports Judy Smith, recent staging class graduate. "I took the class in November not realizing at that time that I would soon need the skills I learned to stage my own house. Everyone said it looked like a model."

    "A ‘classy’ class!" remarked Muriel Thorne of Prudential Network Realty. "Becky has an inate talent and the methods she uses in teaching her design principles were so instructive, helpful and fun! Excellant visuals."

    "I liked that the information presented in the classroom was followed by hands-on practice," said Sandi Gunn of ERA in St. Augustine. "How exciting! The transformations were truly amazing, the teacher was wonderful and inspirational and the atmosphere very friendly and positive."

    "I enjoyed Queens Harbour’s accomodating staff and excellant food'yum yum!'" remarked Shirlyn Lytle.

    "I loved seeing the end result, " Grace Stephens of Los Angeles exclaimed. "Truly amazing what redesign can do to a room.

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