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What is Real Estate Staging?
Real estate staging is basically removing unsightly clutter and artfully arranging existing furniture and accessories for a quicker, more profitable sale of a home. It includes advice on closet and garage organization, as well as curb-appeal landscape improvement. It goes beyond what an agent is equipped to do and the results are nothing short of astonishing. Have you ever walked into room and felt immediately at ease? The space beckons you to enter and all of your senses are engaged. Something in your heart of hearts to says, "This feels like home." Yes, that buyer is wanting to feel goose bumps and hear the Hallelujah Chorus when they swing open that front door.

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Why should I have my home staged?
You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. In a relocation situation, for example, the buyer may only have a few days to find that dream house. The house must be picture perfect. Also...national surveys tell us that staged homes sell in half the time and can add up 10% to the value or selling price. Those are remarkable statistics!

What major changes might be needed to help the sale of the house?
Wall color changes are discussed in a typical consultation. A handyman can usually take care of minor repairs. Sometimes new carpeting or countertops are needed to sell a high-end older home. A good stager can arrange and coordinate painters, landscapers, installers, etc.

Who pays for the staging?
The real estate agent sometimes pays for the first hour or two and the seller adds whatever time he deems necessary. An ever-increasing number of agents are staging all of their high-end homes.Offering the service to potential clients helps them to get new listings. Whether you are a homeowner or an agent, the relatively small investment in this amazing service will reap huge dividends in the increased selling price and speed of the sale...10% more in half the time.

"Before putting our home on the market, I decided to call Becky and get her advice on what we needed to do to make the inside of our home more presentable. We made the changes she suggested, added a few accessories she thought we needed, and withen 10 days had accepted a contract! I would recommend Becky's services to anyone getting ready to sell their home."
Brad Kirk, Watson Realty Corp. Jacksonville Beach, Fl.

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