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What is Redesign?
Interior redesign or one-day-decorating, made popular by shows like Trading Spaces and Decorating Cents, is fast becoming a whole new industry in the ever-expanding arena of home improvement. Redesign is simply rearranging a client's own accessories and furniture to magically make the room come to life. Sometimes new art and accessories are added, as well new wall color recommendations. The session can be two hours to a whole day depending on the number of rooms. Redesign satisfies the need for artfully arranged and personally styled homes... in a hurry. It also has put the cost of professioally designed interiors within the reach of middle America.

Redesign School

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Why should I invest in Redesign?
Oprah once said of her California residence, "My house sings". She could hardly contain her joy at finding and expressing her personal style. One satisfied client of Transformations said it best..."I stay home a lot more now. No restaurant, club or theater can compete with my new space. It embraces me. It's a sonnet. I'ts a poem. It's me."

Does your house "sing"? Why not give Redesign a whirl? What have you got to loose?
Who is it for?
The service is ideal for someone who might be intimidated be the prospect of dealing with an interior design firm, or someone who finds out the decorating shows don't really equip them to make decisions for their unique needs.